Refunds can only occur in cases where the Airline states that it is a refundable fare or the Airline is offering to make a full or partial refund.

A refund may be contingent on the recovery of funds from the supplier. We do retain amounts relating to our expenses incurred. These fees are listed below. In some cases, the carrier may only offer an FTC (future travel credit) instead of a refund; our fees will still apply. This is at the discretion of the Airline or carrier.

In some cases, we may offer you a CheckMyFares FTC which will have a value-added component or reduction or waiver of our fees. In the case of hardship, you may request a cash refund ( as per standard terms and conditions) instead of a CheckMyFares FTC.

All refund requests must be in writing and emailed to us at: [email protected].

CheckMyFares will refund back to the customer the lesser of either;

  • 100% of the nett (less any agents commission or margin we received) amount we receive from the Airline, less our cancellation fees, or

  • 100% of the nett fare paid by the customer at the time of booking less any agent commission or margin we received and less our cancellation fees.

For all refunds or suppliers, FTC's (future travel credits) the following Cancellation Fees will apply per ticket, in addition to charges from any ticketing consolidator, agent, travel provider or Airline;

  • Cancellations to Domestic/Trans-Tasman bookings will incur a fee of $55 per ticket in addition to supplier fees.

  • Cancellations to International bookings (excluding Trans-Tasman bookings) will incur a fee of $140 per ticket in addition to supplier fees.

We make no guarantee or warranty that any refund will be available to you by your airline.

In some situations, where requested, we may be able to assist with obtaining a refund (either total or partial from the Airline) where you change or cancel your booking. We will support applicable cases with your Airline but cannot guarantee any success.

Refunds where applicable can take several months to fully process and return funds to you. Approved special waivers may take longer for the Airline to process, depending on their individual policies.